Hold on tight, it’s X the coach driver

Im not usually the Daily mails greatest advocate but I thought this was a great article by Craig Brown, and was very apt!

Every summer, I like to board a coach and set off on a sunshine tour. This summer, when I arrived at the coach, I was surprised to find that no-one had yet boarded. The queue of holidaymakers was growing increasingly irate with the driver.

‘If I did not think I was the right person to be driving this coach,’ the driver was saying, ‘I would not be sitting here holding the steering wheel.’

Oddly enough, his voice seemed familiar. ‘I have the focus, the energy and the determination to drive this bus. I have never forgotten my father teaching me to change gears, to signal clearly and always to do the right thing. I want to put something back into this bus.

This is who I am.’ One of the passengers standing outside then asked him through the window where he would be going. ‘I believe in coaches,’ he replied. ‘I believe in roads. And I believe in driving coaches along roads.’ At that moment, it suddenly struck me who he was.

I must say, it came as a bit of a surprise to find that someone in his position had taken a holiday job, but he has long been known as a workaholic. Anyway, he looked very smart in his peaked cap and uniform, and from what he was saying he was determined to do his best. ‘Excuse me,’ I said, ‘But when is this coach setting off?’


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